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Imagine a nutrition program that can empower you to make mindful, anti-inflammatory, chronic disease-fighting nutrition choices your default...

Imagine the ease, confidence, and assurance that your body WILL achieve and STAY at your ideal weight and optimal state of health for the rest of your wonderful life!


NourishMNT was created with YOUR NEEDS in mind for ease, simplicity, and the potential to HEAL and PROTECT your body using its natural processes. 


You are worrying yourself sick... or sicker... over the potential threat and complications of chronic diseases you may have to deal with in your lifetime.


You're convinced there must be some way to feel confident you're getting all those key nutrients to support your health.


You are wondering if the fatigue, fog, and mental overwhelm have something to do with not eating well.


You would really love a sense of balance and to quit the all-or-nothing mindset that has subconsciously polluted your mind.


You wish there was a better way to think about food... that allowed you to not think about food so much.


You'd like to enjoy eating delicious foods without stress and struggle, and without worrying over looming health conditions or the toxic medications used to treat them.


We will work together to correct nutritional gaps and move mental blocks so you can be confident you're eating well to support a full, satisfied and happy life!

Sounds like me! Take me to the next level.

It's about time for your


to nutrition and meal planning to WIN the fight against chronic disease.


You deserve to be at an optimal state of physical health and mental well-being.

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I'm Bri, your Registered Dietitian

and the nutrition expert behind NourishMNT. Your health and wellness journey is my life's passion!

My vision is to enlighten people like you of the creative and intuitive methods with which we can reach for health - with expert instruction, compassionate coaching, and the versatile tools you need to feel more alive and healthy.

Let's do this! Together!

NourishMNT includes everything you need to know about top-rate nutrition research and trains you to sustainably integrate it into your unique life.

This could be the right fit for you.

Let me help you understand the NourishMNT approach and you can find out for yourself if this is what you've been waiting for all along!

I value your trust and won't send spam. Unsubscribe at any time.