NourishMNT is a Dietitian-supported program... created with YOUR NEEDS in mind for ease, simplicity, and a well-rounded sense of practical nutrition knowledge and an approach to behaviour change that works for you. 


You've struggled long enough with mindless eating and medicating your emotions with food.


You're looking to quiet the concern that you're not getting enough of certain nutrients to support proper function - and wondering if the fatigue, fog, and mental overwhelm have something to do with not eating well.


You would really love a sense of balance and to quit the all-or-nothing mindset that has subconscicously polluted your mind.


You wish there was a better way to think about food... that allowed you to not think about food so much.


You'd like to enjoy eating delicious foods without the stress, without the struggle, and without worsening any current ailments, and without worry of future health conditions creeping up on you.


We will work together to correct nutritional gaps and move mental blocks so that you be confident that you're eating well to support a full, satisfied and happy life!

This could be the right fit for you.

Let me help you understand the NourishMNT approach and
you can find out for yourself if this is what you've been waiting for all along!

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