Welcome to NourishMNT: Nourished by Bri's all-inclusive, Dietitian-created nutrition coaching course! 

Find ease, simplicity, and wholeness with the NourishMNT online learning one-on-one coaching course

This is a unique Dietitian-created and supported program that empowers you with tools to become the truly and fully alive, well-nourished and healthy human you want to be!


We will work together to cure your mindless eating and correct nutritional deficiency, giving you the solutions that have worked for hundreds of my clients before you.

You won’t have to keep feeling like you’re on and off track, because your body will be taught to automatically desire healthier choices! 

NourishMNT is packed with practical tips and methods based on the cutting-edge science in nutrition and behaviour change psychology. It includes:

  • 12 months of continuous coaching by Facebook group or on the member website
  • 12 video modules on nutrition, behaviour change, and fitness topics
  • Supporting writeable PDF documents, resources, and references to add on more intensive learning
  • Guidance on weekly goal setting, kitchen tools, food preparation, fitness and physical activity, and meeting all your nutrition needs in detail
  • 6 one-on-one sessions with the Dietitian

No more diets. 
Slash your chronic disease risk.
Enjoy food and life as it's truly meant to be - fully nourished!

Instant access to NourishMNT! YES!

Or, try out a smaller program... 

Get Set, GO! Kickstart Course

MINI COURSE (***$39)

This is a brush-up lesson in behavioural psychology as it relates to nutritional health!


You'll be well on your way to a transformative approach to nutrition! Kickstart walks you through the goal-setting process step-by-step while keeping things flexible for a completely customized plan.

 Your Kickstart course includes:

  • 5 video modules on behaviour change and nutrition
  • A supporting writeable PDF document for guiding goal setting and mindful reflection
  • A ton of extra audio, visual, and written resources to direct your learning

We will work together to establish your new normal behaviours, and review the mindset, motivation, and methods that will upgrade your health and help you manage weight, while giving you a taste of what it's like to learn in the NourishMNT course!

Yeah, I'm READY - Get Set Go NOW!