Get ready to feel confident in your weight, flexible in your planning, and free to invest boundless energy into life, while your approach to nutritional health becomes effortless.

This is Get Set, Go! Kickstart

...your information-packed hour of Dietitian coaching and direction, to accelerate your health holistically with intuitive eating AND advanced nutrition research for healthy weight balance!

None of us are born with the ability to navigate our culture’s mixed messaging about food, or moderate our enjoyment of enticing and overabundant processed foods. Many of us will end up eventually surrendering to the “fix-you-when-you’re-broken” side of the healthcare system because of the choices we are subconsciously making every day of our lives.


Time and again, research points to continued supportive feedback and guidance from a health professional, personal goal setting and lifestyle change coaching, and a fiber-rich, plant-rich diet as the simplest, happiest, and easiest way to maintain a healthy weight and prevent chronic disease.


Get Set, Go! Kickstart is your shortcut to seeing all these changes start to become AUTOMATIC.

I've helped hundreds of students bring clarity and simplicity to their nutrition choices through cutting-edge research in...

Mindset, Motivation and Methods

This Kickstart course covers it all!

It hasn’t been easy being left to your own devices with a rocky relationship with food and endless prompts to choose convenience over health. Wouldn’t you say that these struggles affect a lot more in your life than you are comfortable with?
Thankfully, prevention is possible, your brain is retrainable, and more effective measures for health protection and weight management are being researched daily.
With a Registered Dietitian in your toolkit, shortcuts to shifting your behaviours, and endless information on the best diet for weight control and prevention are at your fingertips. 
You can retrain your brain to crave healthy choices.
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